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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Bannon Vs. Kushner


One of the reasons that yesterday I thought that there was a lot more to the Bannon/NSC story was because I didn't think that Trump would be stupid enough to alienate Breitbart, which was a big reason he's remained so popular among Republicans. Looks like I may have been incorrect:

Digby has more.

If this is the case, Becky and Bobby Mercer can't be happy. Their other handpicked representative in the Trump campaign/regime, Kellyanne Conway, appears to have been disappeared from the whole operation herself, and this appears to have been Kushner's doing, as well:

But less than three months into the White House, Conway’s portfolio appears diminished, as Kushner’s own has ballooned. On Sunday, the Trump administration announced that Kushner would now lead the newly formed White House Office of American Innovation—a large and somewhat amorphous “SWAT Team” that The Washington Post reported includes both veterans affairs and the opioid issue. Kushner, it seemed, had taken a bite out of Conway’s job.

That's one hell of a rift forming.

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