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Monday, April 3, 2017

Falling Off the Hinges

Back in August, then-candidate Trump started getting desperate and tried one of the ultimate a "I know you are but what am I" gambits by calling Hillary Clinton "unhinged":

As we saw with his little performance at the signing ceremony last week, Trump is retreating into bunker mode and really has nothing to lean on other than his fantasies and memories of the campaign at this point (think about how absolutely bonkers it is that he's still talking about minutiae from the campaign ten weeks into this farce). Starting at 6 AM this morning, he fired off a few dandies from his phone:

He appears to have spent the last THREE HOURS watching Fox News, and he's still going -- that fourth Tweet happened while I was writing this post.

Referring to Trump's slinking away from the aforementioned signing ceremony, LG&M's Shakezula said: "If I saw that expression on a child’s face I would know he had destroyed something large and expensive. Like the entire kitchen."

Same with these Tweets -- they have the "but... but... but!" tone of a child trying desperately to deflect away his obvious guilt about having done something very naughty."

He's falling farther off his rocker and becoming more puerile every day. I anticipate this is only going to get worse as more is revealed about his Russian shenanigans (my best euphemism for "treason").

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