Documentation. Witnesses. Facts. Truth. That's what they're afraid of.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Early on in this election season, Newt Gingrich was given an extended interview by CNN. In it he claimed that facts no longer matter. The media hoohahed about it for a day and then, as always, they moved on. As Trump committed disqualifying actions at an accelerated pace over the last few months,  we found Newt’s statement held up time and again. It didn't matter that Trump admitted to molesting women, including underaged girls. It mattered more that FBI Director Comey wanted to look at 3 emails, regardless of whether it meant Secretary Clinton had committed any wrong doing.

For the media, it is all about ratings. And speculating about the global catastrophe that those emails nay have unleashed was much more beneficial to ratings than yet another story about Trump being a horrrible person.

As our surrogate blogfather Driftglass has said since at least 2009, IOKIYAR (it’s ok if you are a Republican). Essentially in our world where, above all, Both Sides must reign supreme, if Trump pervs out on naked 14 year old pageantcontestants then Huma Abedin’s emails to Anthony Weiner must be just as bad.

So what can we do about it? In the past people have called coy boycotts of biased shows. But that just means more time for Wingnuts like Mark Halperin to pretend like they are centrists.  No, what Democrats need to do is flood the cable news shows with truth. Gimme Some Truth! 

Get up there and use the word liar. Call them liars to their lying faces.  No more playing around. Joy Reid got the best ratings anyone on MSNBC hasever gotten because she didn't let the lies go unchallenged.

So while CNN continues to lap up Trump’s santorum and say for the 1000th time that he’s turning the corner and becoming a serious candidatepresident-elect as he pretends to walk back an impeachable stance to a merelyawful stance, you can either watch with grotesque fascination or you can pick up the phone and call your highest ranking (or most vocal) state Democrat and tell them to stop letting the bullshit stand. Enough is enough.