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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Narcissism and the Presidency

Over the last couple of days, I've seen an article from Medium by N. Ziehl about Trump's apparent narcissistic personality disorder. I've taken a course in dealing with people with that disorder in the workplace, and would not consider myself in how to overcome it or change it, but from what I have learned, it is a pretty spot-on diagnosis. Normally, I don't think it's great to try to diagnose someone from afar (I'm speaking to you, Dr. Frist), but we have forty years of Donald Trump in the public eye, tens of thousands of hours of footage, and we've seen so many actions taken on his part.

It's a good piece, but there's one section that stood out to me as being particularly relevant as far as how to take on Donald Trump, both as media, and as the Democratic Party:

2) He will say whatever feels most comfortable or good to him at any given time. He will lie a lot, and say totally different things to different people. Stop being surprised by this. While it’s important to pretend “good faith” and remind him of promises, as Bernie Sanders and others are doing, that’s for his supporters, so *they* can see the inconsistency as it comes. He won’t care. So if you’re trying to reconcile or analyze his words, don’t. It’s 100% not worth your time. Only pay attention to and address his actions.
So, media, please stop trying to look for little things he says that make him seem normal, and just look at the crazy actions he has or is preparing to take. And Democrats, working with him isn't worth it. Just stop him. Meet him head on, like you appear to be doing on Medicare, and figure out specific steps to keep the brunt of what he's going to do from affecting us.

Anyway, read the whole thing.