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Monday, November 28, 2016

She Was Overcome By Economic Anxiety

Posting this per John Cole's request:

If you can't watch, here's a newspaper account:

LAKEVIEW — A woman apparently enraged by a suggestion she buy a larger grocery bag for her Michaels purchases unleashed her fury on two employees at the Lakeview store the day before Thanksgiving.
Several people recorded the episode in videos that have since gone viral, during which the customer calls a black cashier "an animal" and suggests that the cashier and the manager, who are both African American, are discriminating against her because she voted for Donald Trump in the presidential election.
During the 10-minute YouTube video — which had almost 150,000 views as of Monday morning — the woman berates bystanders for recording her and declares that Michaels' corporate offices are "going to have a s--- show" after she reports the alleged discrimination.
Too bad comments are disabled on the YouTube video. They would've been, um, fun.

I'm operating on the premise that bringing this sort of actions to light will help minimize them. We'll see. 300,000 views and counting.