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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Random Thoughts From the Morning, Or Not

Since this is a new project for me, as it develops, I keep playing with ideas in my head for recurring features. There will be some, I'm sure. I tend to gravitate to TV shows and blogs that do that; I like familiarity.

I realized a few minutes after I woke up this morning that the only time I've woken up day after day with the kind of feelings I have today (and I don't want to even provide the adjectives to describe them) are ones I've only experienced in the few days after 9/11. However, within a few days after 9/11, I realized that if Al-Qaeda could do something like that again, they would've already. I don't see what it will take to make these similar feelings go away anytime soon short of a lobotomy, especially considering that we're still more than two months away from the (ugh!) transfer of power.

I thought I might begin to live blog my thoughts on certain mornings to track the evolution of my own mindset as we go through our own little Bataan March to mid January. Then I realized that I think that most of those thoughts are ones that I might regret sharing someday.

So, no, that will not be a regular feature of my site. Maybe occasionally on Twitter (@tgconsolidation), but extremely filtered.

Jesus, the makers of SSRIs and other such meds must be about to make a fortune.

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