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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Thank You, Hillary...

... for saving me time. I had a whole post planned in my head to demonstrate what's at stake and just how Hillary Clinton is on the right side of an existential battle, issue by issue... but her campaign did it for me.

Love it. I have never been so excited for a presidential candidate in my life. Yes, even Obama. Mostly because I've seen what Obama has accomplished and I believe a Clinton presidency will continue to build on it.

For the record, I'm figuring on a 6-7 point win for Hillary on Tuesday. We're seeing her with a polling lead of 2-3 points, but I've figured for quite a while that Trump overplayed his hand as far as insulting women and Latinos, and while she's run a really good campaign, his has got to be the worst ever, at least as far as convention goes.

I just *really* hope somehow he doesn't top 40%. I wish I'd catalogued more of my predictions here, but I thought he had a ceiling between 37-39%. What does it say about our country if 45% of it votes for the closest thing we've seen to a fascist dictator running for President (though we really don't give Reagan, in his '76 and '80 campaigns, enough "credit" for  how terrible he was)?

State-by-state predictions coming on Monday if I have time.

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