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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Daily Combover - February 14, 2017

The goal here at the Combover isn't necessarily to cover little known evils of the Trump Administration but it's to serve as a reminder of all the many atrocities that have been occurring. Sometimes that involves the biggest news item of the day, but other times it might not. What's big for media ratings sometimes has nothing to do with what has the greatest marginal impact on society.

Today we watched Trump draft his 45th Presidential Order (Presidential Memos and Executive Orders). It probably had something to do with loving himself as the 45th President on Valentine's Day.

Barack Obama actually had more at this point than Trump had but his pace dropped considerably after the first 100 days. It does not appear Trump is willing to switch to a higher gear or press his cruise control button any time soon. And who could blame him? He may not even have a full term to enact his agenda.

Heck, he's going to lose at least 8 hours recombing-over that comb-over.

Today the majority of the media has laser-guidance on what is unquestionably the most important story of the day: Russian Influence in the Trump Administration.  No, they're not all doing it correctly. I'm looking right at you CNN. But they are all (except for the NY Times) aware that the Russian involvement doesn't end with Flynn. And there's no doubt about it that this is at the very least a huge embarrassment for Trump and at most an indictment of his entire pres regime (you didn't really think I'd use the P-word, did you?).

So where does it end? Last week, when Japanese Prime Minister Abe visited, he gave Trump's ass such a deep tongue bath that he found himself kissing Sean Hannity. Trudeau definitely wasn't going to sink to that level. He even avoided The Handshake entirely by grabbing Trump by the shoulder:
How long before world leaders start snubbing us? Remember when Netanyahu snubbed Obama and it caused quite a bit of outrage? SNL put together a skit a few weeks ago where the President of Zimbabwe threatens Trump and then hangs up on him. Side note, you all do know where that came from right? If not you can "go and hang on a banana tree."

So as Trump deals with the "Real News,"
Remember that the biggest issue is that our government is officially compromised. Not just in terms of Russian interference, but also in terms of our image. We're no longer going to be respected. Just how much of an impact that will have on us depends on how long we allow this charade to go on. What if the US Dollar loses Reserve Currency status? Here's a good discussion on the history and repercussions. Can we withstand another major recession within a 10 year period? Not if you pair a loss of reserve status with a 20-35% tariff.

I know what you're all thinking: Will Mnuchin be ok? That massive investment he has in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will collapse if the economy crashes again. But don't worry. He's probably going to sell as soon as they are allowed to earn a profit again. Who gets to make that decision? The Treasury Secretary. For the life of me I can't recall Mnuchin's relationship with the Treasury Secretary... It'll probably hit me as soon as this article goes up.

Until then. I'll catch you on the flip side.

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