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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Joint Session Live Blogging... Why Not?

9:07 PM: I probably will only comment when he goes off prompter, but we'll see...

9:09 PM: "This is how democracy dies..."

9:09 PM: Stumbles right off the bat.

9:10 PM: Actually kinda starts in the right place... finally.

9:11 PM:

9:12 PM: I still can't believe this is real.

9:13 PM: I'm sure that drug stat is false. Our drug problems are homemade.

9:14 PM: America First. Is this the first fascist joint session?

9:16 PM: We're American Carnaging here again... And has a President ever tooted his own horn like this in a first Joint Session?

9:16 PM: Nancy Pelosi... if looks could kill, the Capitol would've been burning in Wildfire by now.

9:19 PM:

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