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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Taste the Schadenfreude

I won't be able to watch video of the presser for another hour, but thank you Josh Marshall for making my day with this:

But the man who just appeared before the press for a free-ranging airing of grievances looked tired, sullen and half broken. His bracing insistence that everything is going perfectly in his White House sounded desperate and bizarre.
He's coming up on one month down and 47 to go.

No one deserves a heaping load of manure dumped on his head than him.

During the final months of election season, when I remained entirely confident that HRC had it in the bag (urg!), I spent a decent amount of time wishing I could see (but not live) an alternative reality where we'd get to see Trump being frustrated at every turn and have to live under the weight of all of his false assumptions about how the Presidency, the country, and the world works. In that scenario, I figured he'd start to show cracks after a year or so.

It's happening already and I really, really want to coin a good term for disturbed but giddy. Because that's where we are.