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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Joint Session Live Blogging #3

9:37 PM: Eisenhower gave us the Interstate. You gonna give us anything specific?

9:38 PM: I really wish I could've heard what Elizabeth Warren just said.

9:39 PM: He could've made nearly all of this speech in October. And he basically did.

9:40 PM: I LOVE seeing the whole Democratic section staying in their seats.

9:41 PM: Health Savings Accounts.... Americans have been learning this is a phrase to hate.

9:44 PM: We are NOT joining forces with you.

9:45 PM: Was thinking the same thing:

9:45 PM: Did he just suggest we need to create pharmaceutical companies to cure our own families?

9:49 PM:

9:51 PM: How many Presidents have given an address to Congress where he basically said, "Worst. Country. Ever."?

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