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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

What The...?

This is not the next rat I expected to jump ship, but...

United States Secret Service director Joseph Clancy announced his retirement to the staff Tuesday, a spokesperson tells CNN.
"The success of the Secret Service is achieved with great sacrifice by all of you and your families," Clancy wrote in a letter to employees. "Please accept my sincere and heartfelt thanks for your dedication to our mission. You have inspired me. My hope was that I could return your gifts of inspiration with some measure of good for the Secret Service."
Clancy took over as acting director of the agency in October 2014 and later was sworn in as permanent director in February 2015.

Wow. Lasts two years. Could he not protect Trump in good conscience?

Deputy NSA Director K.T. McFarland is out, too.

Anything can happen right now. Stay tuned.

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