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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Joint Session Live Blogging, #4

9:52 PM: VOICE? This is a fascist nightmare.

9:55 PM: America's gonna pray for you because your life sucks.

9:56 PM: Thought so.

9:57 PM: He died while you were eating your well-done steak with ketchup.

9:58 PM: He is lying like crazy about a military operation. Not unprecedented, I guess.

10:00 PM: He's looking down at you saying "You killed me, you asshole!"

10:01 PM: So our troops are how we show our friendship?

10:02 PM: "The money is just pouring in." I'm going to guess I'm going to see a Tweet disproving that in the next five minutes.

10:04 PM: Wow... make new friends and forge new partnerships... He really can't lay off Putin!

10:06 PM:

10:07 PM:

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