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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Dog Sick

Last night was probably the first time I planned my Saturday night around watching an entire episode of SNL in more than two decades. I'd watched the last couple of full episodes as they aired, but I just happened to be home. I LOVED last week's; nearly all the sketches were terrific.

I didn't think as highly of this week's; none of the non-political sketches were funny, and I didn't particularly enjoy anything Alec Baldwin did, including his one Trump appearance, the People's Court sketch. Good concept, but other than Beck Bennett's handshake routine as Putin (particularly with Eric!), it flopped for me. The monologue was wasted -- it was actually fairly funny, but in a pre-11/9 sort of way. Weekend Update started to feel like a slog after the Elizabeth Warren bit.

Melissa McCarthy was great again as Sean Spicer, and Leslie Jones/Melissa Bayer auditioning to play Trump was really clever.

I've seen several complaints about the Fatal Attraction sketch, but I thought it was great, and even if it hadn't been, it was totally worth it just to hear Jake Tapper call Kellyanne Conway a "monster." I've been clamoring for that for months!

Also, check out this (probably) inadvertent mistake on the part of the closed captioning crew:

Somewhere in 30 Rock there's a closed captioning technician who needs to join the SNL writer's room!

Wanna take bets on who's playing Stephen Miller next week?