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Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Daily Combover - February 16, 2017

And you thought Trump was only half crazy.

Today's presser was incredible. Incredible in the sense that the members of the media present didn't have to wire their jaws to keep them shut. I watched it in an airport lobby in Houston and everyone around me had a gaping look on their face.

So let's break it down by what should have been covered and what was actually covered.

He should have been talking about Labor Secretary nominee FIU Dean, Alexander Acosta.

What was he really talking about? Your guess is as good as mine. Luckily we have TalkingPointsMemo to translate:

1. “Russia Is Fake News” Pressed by multiple reporters to address reports that members of his campaign staff repeatedly contacted Russian officials prior to the election, Trump said Russia is “fake news put out by the media.”
2. “This administration is running like a fine-tuned machine” Despite the botched execution of his immigration executive order, weeks of damaging leaks, the three-week long tenure of his national security adviser, and countless other damaging stories, the President repeatedly asserted that his White House was running smoothly.
3. “The leaks are absolutely real; the news is fake” Trump said that the leaks about his private phone calls with the leaders of Mexico and Australia were “illegal” and allowing people to find out “exactly what took place.” Yet he also repeatedly claimed that the news reports based on those leaks is “fake, because so much of the news is fake.”
4. “I’m not ranting and raving” The President predicted that the press would criticize his Thursday news conference and that the headlines would describe him “ranting and raving” even though he was actually “having a good time.”
5. “Nuclear holocaust would be like no other” In one particularly off-the-wall aside, Trump noted that both Russia and the U.S. are “very powerful” nuclear countries and that friendly relations between the two nations are a positive because his security briefings have taught him that “nuclear holocaust would be like no other.”
6. “I am the least anti-Semitic person that you have seen in your entire life” Trump accused a Jewish reporter who asked how his administration planned to address anti-Semitic threats of being unfriendly, told him to be “quiet,” and said he found his question “repulsive.”
7. "The greatest thing I could do is shoot that ship" Trump claimed that the American people would think it was “so great” if he ordered an attack on the Russian spy ship reportedly loitering off the coast of Connecticut but that he wouldn’t because he wanted to try to preserve U.S.-Russian relations.
8. “Are they friends of yours?” Questioned by April Ryan, a veteran reporter for American Urban Radio Networks, on whether he would include the Congressional Black Caucus in his plans to revitalize black urban neighborhoods, Trump replied, “Are they friends of yours? Set up the meeting.”
See what they did there? It's like Hanukkah. Except instead of 8 days of holiday we get 8 statements each crazier than the next.

Let's be fair. He's been a little distracted after losing his National Security Advisor, Deputy National Security Advisor, Director of Secret Service, Labor Secretary nominee, and clearly the faith of the White House staff. So maybe the pressure got to him. We've all been there. The Fontange Fuhrer is not infallible.

Maybe something set him off this morning and just put him in a bad mood. Let's see:

First he made a post about Obama's Legacy but forgot to thank Obama so I helped him out a little:
Then he apparently picked up the Times and had an aneurysm:

And then two hours later we were treated to this right before he left for his presser:
I think Twitter said it best with their title, "That Trump press conference left a lot of heads spinning"

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