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Monday, February 27, 2017

Not Making It Go Away, Spicey

On Friday, Spicer said there was no investigation by the FBI into Trump's connections to Russia:

Q    I'm not.  I'm actually asking to stay on the topic, which was the topic of the Russia investigation, not what you're talking about.  So on the topic of the Russia investigation, what you have said is there is no knowledge at the White House of any investigation into ties with Russia?
MR. SPICER:  I am not aware of an investigation.  If there was one, then they should follow the law.

Today, it's been "investigated up and down?"

If the FBI hasn't been investigating, and the Congressional ones haven't really gotten going, and the 17 intelligence agencies who determined that Russia was involved didn't find the truth, who is doing the investigating? The Mexicans? Someone's been doing the investigating. 

It certainly hasn't been the DoJ. They're busy getting right into taking voting rights away from brown people and thinking about how to harsh everyone's mellow.

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