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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Bob and Chez Show, 2/21/17 -- Says Who

On yesterday's Bob and Chez Show, Bob explains what the Republicans can and can't accomplish with an Obamacare reconciliation bill. He paints a bleak picture.

Listen here.

I'm a little more optimistic... a little...

Aside from Trump's lack of desire to work, which Ari and I discussed a lot yesterday, protests by The Resistance do appear to be scaring some Republicans. They also may be getting cold feet as they realize the damage they could actually cause:

Translation: back when Democrats would have been responsible for the chaos this ruling unleashed, Republicans were all in favor of unloading both barrels on Obamacare. But now that Republicans would have to deal with the chaos, they've suddenly gotten gun shy.
Republicans understood perfectly that winning their suit would hurt not just the insurance industry, but probably millions of workers as well. They didn't care, as long as Democrats got the blame. Now that Republicans would get the blame, they want the temporary stay to be made permanent.
This, ladies and gentlemen, demonstrates just how much Republicans really care about the working class voters who are the ones who mostly benefit from CSR payments: they don't. They're just pawns in the GOP's endless partisan wars.

Obamacare is really the test here. If they can't repeal that, they'll have a much harder time with the rest of the safety net. So hopefully that holds up.

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