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Friday, February 10, 2017

Collaborator: Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan insists that there's room for Nazis in the "big tent":

"He’s not someone I have a history with. Obviously, I didn’t know [Steve Bannon] when he was opposing me all those times. We’re different kinds of conservatives — that’s something that I can safely say, I think." Ryan said. "But we’re serving a purpose, which is to get this agenda passed."

Yup. The kind of conservative that does this:

A Central Michigan University Republican student group is apologizing for a Valentine's Day card that mocks Jews who died in the Holocaust.

I think we're beyond apologizing. This is more than a pattern. Neo-Nazis are a significant part of the Republican Party, and Paul Ryan is more than happy (you can see it in his shit-eating grin) to accommodate them as long as they support his desire to starve your grandmother. Though *they* really only support starving "non-white" ones.

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