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Monday, February 6, 2017

The Daily Combover - February 6, 2017

It being the Monday after the Superbowl and the day after his return from the Winter White House (TM), Trump had a fairly slow day. His only official act was to dispatch a Presidential Delegation to Haiti for Mo├»se's inauguration.

As you can expect, with all that free time Trump had today, he was on his phone a lot.

He began the morning in the usual way of bashing the news media and polling agencies for reporting on the negativity surrounding the #MuslimBan:

Apparently his reading teacher accidentally slipped him a NY Times because a few hours later he was Tweeting this:

And finally, showing his uncanny lack of self-awareness, he reminded people about his awful interview with O'Reilly in which he compared the leaders our great nation to Putin. Incredulously O'Reilly gave him opportunities to take it back but he just doubled down.
And as he was getting ready for bed he remembered what had set him off earlier and fired off one last volley at the New York Times for good measure:
I know what you're thinking. Where are the comments on the absolute take down on SNL the other night? He's been ignoring Alec Baldwin for the most part, but that interview that Dumb Spice gave live that night wait, that was really Melissa McCarthy? OK that inverview that Melissa McCarthy gave as Sean Spicer had to hit a nerve. Then again, Spicer found it to be hilarious. So no story, right?


If you recall, Trump likes to fill positions based on what he thinks the person filling the position should look like. So labor secretaries are surrounded by attractive young women, diplomats cannot have moustaches, etc. And apparently, Press Secretaries cannot be portrayed by women. Alas poor Dumb Spice, we knew him well!

Meanwhile back in reality, we learned that the single issue that can unite British Parliament is keeping Trump from setting foot in Westminster.
The best part is definitely right around the two minute mark. You don't want to miss this one.

Enjoy! And remember the hair flips right, left, back and to the front.

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