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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Collaborator: Joe Manchin

Adrastos over at First Draft captures how I'm feeling right now, post-Sessions vote:

Look at me: I am fundamentally a center-left Democrat who belongs to the “get shit done” wing of the party. That’s been suspended along with my adherence to Godwin’s Law. I am committed to resisting Trumpism and everything about it. This is not the time to make a deal with the devil. Trump regards offers of compromise as signs of weakness. I will continue to show him the same level of respect that Republicans gave to Barack Obama: zero, zilch, bupkis, nada.

This was written in the context of comparing the rise of Trump to the rise of Hitler.

The Democrats really have to get to a point where none of them vote for anything the Republicans want, and to gum up the works in any way they can. Anyone who helps them is a collaborator, and they should be called out on it.

Joe Manchin is a collaborator:

Only one Democrat voted to approve Donald Trump’s nominee Jeff Sessions as Attorney General: Joe Manchin.
Manchin, 69, is a U.S. Senator from West Virginia, who is a former governor. Why would a Democrat vote for one of Trump’s most controversial nominees? For starters, Manchin is up for re-election in 2018 in a state that went overwhelmingly for Trump. Sessions was confirmed on a 52-47 vote (Sessions himself voted present.)
Manchin has referred to himself as a West Virginia Democrat, not a Washington one, and he’s developed a rapport with the president. Manchin has been described as one of the last “Blue Dog Democrats,” a group of Southern Democrats with some conservative positions, according to The Daily Caller.
The Sessions vote came after controversy erupted when Republicans silenced Democrat Elizabeth Warren for a speech in which she, in part, quoted Coretta Scott King, the wife of slain Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. Coretta Scott King had written a 1986 letter opposing Sessions’ unsuccessful nomination for a federal judgeship. Manchin is receiving strong criticism on Twitter for his Sessions vote, with some urging a primary effort against him, and others calling him a “traitor.”

Because West Virginians are racist, their Senator votes for one. That's really the only reason to vote the way he did. And it's not a good one.

I'm hoping this does not have to become a regular feature of this blog, but I'm feeling like it might.

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