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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Fun With Twitter -- #DelayTheDay

After a few days of just finding myself too overwhelmed to write much since the #voterama, I'm feeling a little more frisky, thanks to this Tweet by @thepoliticalcat.

And when I'm feeling frisky, as I think all six of the people who read this site know, I like hashtags.

Let's get something going. Tweet @SenateDems @HouseDemocrats that we're in serious uncharted waters and are pretty damned sure we're on the verge of having a traitorous regime installed by a hostile foreign government. There is NO WAY Hillary Clinton would've been inaugurated on January 20th before a full investigation was conducted if the shoe were on the other foot. We demand the same. Stop the inauguration until we know we're not about to hand the keys to the country over to Vladimir Putin and his ilk.

Hashtag: #DelayTheDay

UPDATE (1/15/17, 2:17 PM): Looks like I wasn't the first one to use the hashtag, so credit to Ellen Foley.

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