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Friday, January 20, 2017

The Daily Combover - January 20, 2017 - Inaugural Atrocities Edition

Think of the one thing that, in your opinion, the government does best. Now brace yourself because there is a good chance that the government won't be doing it any more by Monday if not already today.

You might not know it if you've been watching CNN coverage gushing over the Trumps and comparing them to the Kennedys, but the minute Trump took his hand off the Bible, a series of destructive actions were set in place that would make any Bond or Batman villain jealous. "The Trumpster" has been unleashed.

When we learned that Trump had only made 4% of his appointments most probably assumed that was out of laziness or incompetence. But what if it was to avoid dissenting opinions? Trump has proven himself to be every bit the authoritarian Mussolini was at his gatherings. And now he's putting it into practice.

Some call it corporatism, others oligarchs, and others simply call it libertarianism. Regardless of your preferred nomenclature, the outcome is the same: extract as much value as you can out of the resources at hand (land, labor, and capital) and maximize short run profits with no regard for future implications. To you, the worker, that means you are going to be expected to put forth maximum effort at the lowest possible pay they can get away with giving to you.

In case you're in the 32% of the country made up of leftwing ideologues and Trump voters that are happy about Trump right now, it's important that, as you read this list, you realize both sides are far from the same thing. His policies will directly and indirectly lead to the death of millions by increasing poverty and uninsured levels.

With no further ado, here are today's atrocities:
1. An executive order "easing of the burden" of the Affordable Care Act. Read this as going as far he he possibly could under the law to empower the Republicans to prevent people from receiving health care coverage.

2. His Chief-of-Staff, Reince Priebus, issued a memo halting the passage of any new regulations at the Federal level.  All signs point to this being the first stage of a rollback of federal regulation across the board.

3. An executive order eliminating the fee discount under the FHA that most middle class households took advantage of when buying a home.  This will have a huge drag on home sales. Existing home sales (which are the primary units affected by this) currently make up about a $900 billion annual impact on GDP. That's roughly 5% of our GDP.  If sales slow down by 20%, that's a 1% reduction in GDP.  Historically a reduction in home sales is often always followed by a recession.

Give a hug to someone who needs it and then get on the phone with your Senator urging them to stand up against this administration's egregious overreach. Catch you on the flip side. 

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