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Friday, January 13, 2017


My watch just buzzed to inform me through Facebook that there's a healthcare rally going on in an hour in front of Trump Tower. I was about to jump out of my seat and go over, but I took a minute to see what the event was actually about.

We are in a life or death fight for our health care. Republican proposals for health care reform will cause millions of people to lose insurance coverage. Those who have coverage will see the return of illegal tactics private insurance corporations to deny and restrict care. Remember, the only way they make money is when they don't have to pay for the health care you need.
Join health care justice advocates at Trump Tower on Jan 13th just hours before the annual Single Payer Strategy Conference begins to point to the only solution that is truly universal, and guaranteed to provide high quality, affordable health care: Medicare for All!

This is absurd. By all means, go march to defend the ACA. But Medicare for All, as desirable as it is, is not on the table.

What part of "we're on defense" do you not understand?

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