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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Get Involved

I love these two ideas:

According to their site:
We are a coalition of writers, artists and concerned citizens.
Like many, we were deeply concerned after the November 2016 general election. We are committed to changing the political landscape in time for 2018, beginning with supporting the Democratic seats that are up for reelections at the Senate, House and at the state level in 2018. While there are twenty-five candidates up for reelection in the Senate, we are choosing to marshall our resources to support twelve specific candidates.
These are not to be considered endorsements. We also hope to support new and future candidates who are running for office, with the strength, energy and resources of the book and artistic communities.

I signed up for their newsletter and hope to follow their progress.

Looks like I'll be helping Tom Suozzi in NY-03. Makes sense.

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