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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Dismantling of the EPA Begins Quietly

Just like the White House, the EPA is starting to leak like a sieve, and we're not hearing anything good:

EPA staff has been instructed to freeze all its grants ― an extensive program that includes funding for research, redevelopment of former industrial sites, air quality monitoring and education, among other things ― and told not to discuss this order with anyone outside the agency, according to a Hill source with knowledge of the situation.
An EPA staffer provided the information to the congressional office anonymously, fearing retaliation.
The Huffington Post also received a message that was reportedly sent to staff Monday that seems to cover the current agency guidance on talking to the press in general, not just about the directive on grants. The memo states that the agency is imposing tight controls on external communication, including press releases, blog posts, social media and content on the agency website.

This isn't very surprising in general, but the speed at which all of this is happening is really disorienting. That's probably the idea.

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