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Monday, January 16, 2017

Somehow, We're Here

Just sharing something I posted into a Facebook conversation. It's a serious question:

I'm not going full Godwin here and saying Trump is Hitler. Hitler wasn't "Hitler" when he came to power. However, I don't think anyone here would question the idea that Hitler should've been declared "illegtimate" and all options should've been on the table to Germans who opposed him and the Nazis after a certain point. What would that point be? Kristallnacht? Nuremberg Laws? Sometime before that?
I'll repeat... Trump isn't Hitler. But there are an awful lot of lines being crossed right now that I never thought I would ever see an American President would cross. So I find myself struggling with the same stuff. And I think that if I'd asked myself a couple of years ago whether working with a hostile foreign power to turn an election and enrich oneself would be one the serious "red lines," there's almost no way I would've said no.
Somehow, we're here.  

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