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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Splitting the Ticket?

Tom Perez and Keith Ellison
Former Labor Secretary Tom Perez and Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN)

It feels like the selection process for DNC Chair has been quite long, at this point (and it kind of has; we've been talking about it since at least mid-November).

The race has mostly been between former Labor Secretary Tom Perez and Congressman Keith Ellison. I think there's another guy named Captain Queeg or something in the race, too.

Truth be told, I'd prefer someone really high profile now -- Hillary or Barack, anyone?

However, I like both Perez and Ellison. They're both better human beings than Debbie Wasseran Schultz, and I think more effective than Donna Brazlie. They both have pretty good personalities and there's not that much daylight between them on policy. Perez is a bit more of an establishment guy and Ellison is kind of an insurgent, but ideologically, those groups have gotten really close and the more they come together, the better. I think combining idealism with pragmatism (what I refer to as work as "instead of thinking outside the box, bringing some of the best stuff from outside the box into the box." [I'll make that pithier at some point :)]) It could  serve our party really well.

Not only do we need to unite the party, we also have SO much to do. So I'm wondering -- is there a provision for Co-Chairs? It doesn't appear that there have been Co-Chairs before, but I think this would be a perfect time to make it happen. Thoughts?

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