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Saturday, January 21, 2017


About three hours ago, Josh Marshall, whom I respect more than perhaps any other journalist, editor, let this fly:

In the midst of the Spicer fracas that came after, Josh appears to have dropped the thread, despite 135 replies. He's not known for being inscrutable. But he's said nothing.

I have two brief theories before I run out for the night:

1. Josh has a bombshell but is sending out a Bat Signal (sadly appropriate!) to other outlets that there's something to look into and that he either does not want to be the only one to break the story for his own safety, or because he's missing just one or two pieces with which he needs help.

2. He knows that a larger outlet is getting ready to break the story and wants some credit for knowing what's about to go down. If that's the case, my guess is the New York Times. Liz Spayd's column yesterday may have actually been clearing the way for the Times to announce something big about this story.

Of course, there's a third possibility, and that's that Josh is full of shit. But I've never known that to be the case with him in over 15 years of following his site on and off.

I'm kind of on pins and needles...

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