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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Only if You Run

Another addition to the new "Get Involved" area of the right sidebar -- Only if You Run:

Only If You Run will support any Democrat that runs for a seat held by a Republican in one of our seven target states: Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, and Michigan. We have two election cycles left before Congressional Districts are redrawn in 2021 and we want to help you win your seat so they are drawn more fairly.
If you are planning to run or are already running, reach out to us and tell us who you are. We will make donations of no less than $5,000 to qualifying candidates. In Virginia and North Carolina we will begin making contributions this summer. For candidates in our other five target states we will begin in January 2018.
We know what a difficult decision it can be to run for political office, and our pledge is that we will make that decision a little bit easier for you. We need to ungerrymander America to ensure a resilient future, and we want to help you do it.

Don't know if it's sustainable, but worth a shot.

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