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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Things I Learn That Don't Surprise Me -- Right to Work

Thanks, Erik Loomis.

By the way,

The organization’s titular head, Lewis Valentine Ulrey, explained that after their success in Russia the “Talmudists” had determined to conquer the rest of the world and that “by 1935 they had such open success with the New Deal in the United States, that they decided to openly restore the Sanhedrin,” that is, both the council of Jewish leaders who oversaw a community and the Jewish elders who, according to the Bible, plotted to kill Christ.

Replace "Russia" with "Iraq," "Talmud" with "Sharia," and "Sanhedrin" with "Caliphate" and you'll see another example of  the fact that even when history doesn't entirely repeat itself, it often rhymes.

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