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Friday, January 27, 2017

The Daily Combover - January 26, 2017

Praise to our Dear Leader as we celebrate the one-week anniversary of the start of his glorious eternal reign.

Today Trump learned that Trump cannot trust anyone in the State Department. How dare they all uniformly quit on him before he had a chance to say "You're fired!"?

And Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto cancelled too. <alt-fact>couldn't come up with the money for the wall so Trump had to cancel the meeting </alt-fact>.

But Trump didn't stop there. He demanded that Congress pass a 20% import tariff on Mexican goods to pay for The Wall. This would be horrible. I don't know any economist that thinks a tariff would be a good idea. And there could be all sorts of negative impacts on consumers in both USA and Mexico. As I mentioned in a November post,
Stop and think about that for a moment. How does that affect you personally? At $80 a box, the average retail price for a single avocado approaches $3. But what if we begin to restrict trade with Mexico? What if we impose a tariff on Mexican produce? The global average tariff on produce according to the USDA Economic Research Service is about 50%. Suddenly that $3 avocado is now $4.50. And in the winter, when almost all of our avocados are imported, that probably means fewer stores will stock avocados because that is a lot of money to spend on fruits that probably will not sell very well at retail given its exorbitant price.  
Just the first of many examples of micro-level impacts of Republicanism on our economy.

Of course with all that hullabaloo, Trump didn't have time for this any more:

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