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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Daily Combover - January 24, 2017 - The Dam Has Broken

It's Day 5 of Dear Leader's tenure and it looks like the past four days have just been practice.

Fine AI, not practice. Let's call it warm-ups.

As the #DailyCombover was going up yesterday, Dear Leader was working on another massive shutdown. This time he put a gag order on the EPA (similar to the one placed on NPS a few days ago) and suspended their grants. More on this below.

And you may ask yourself, 'how did I get here?' And the answer is by being distracted. Just as the Tennis Ball Machine of Terror was on auto-fire during the campaign season, now Trump has his underlings distracting us with stories of #CrowdSize and #VoterFraud which keep the media off-kilter. Today's false narrative delivered by Baghdad Bob Spicer was about conflicts of interest. Oh the irony. Luckily, the interwebs know all.

Today Trump began his day even earlier than yesterday. At 2AM as he was headed to the salon, he notified us that he was preparing for a 9AM meeting with automobile executives.
That meeting couldn't have lasted too long because a little before 11 AM Trump showed us why he gagged the EPA when he signed an order authorizing his first major American Infrastructure project -- pipeline expansion.  Well at least he created jobs... for Canada's TransCanada Corp.
Now that EPA gag order makes sense, right? But what about the impact on commercial agriculture? Oh yeah, Trump also gagged the USDA and apparently stopped them from making new agricultural and economic reports via ARS and ERS. Your diligent chronicler now has to find a new project for his students. (Side note: Couldn't they have said something other than 'this database is no longer being updated'?)

On to the appointments. Trump got a clean sweep today of all of his nominees. From sending Nikki Haley to the (soon-to-be-defunct) UN to keeping Comey on for another term, Trump really has had so much winning that my head is spinning.

1. Trump is threatening to send in the National Guard into Chicago because of the 24 gun murders they had last year. Why not just pass and enforce a gun ban? Now more people will die.

2. Trump just banned visas to individuals from 7 Muslim countries. He'said fulfilling every one of his twisted promises.

Keep up the pressure on your Senators and Congressmen and remember to stay safe out there.

Catch you on the Flip side.

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