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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Final Post Mortem

This blog is changing. There is no point to doing anything but go against the Republicans. They just voted to take health care from tens of millions of Americans.

Our President is a traitor, and he's quite possibly the worst person on earth. My advice to Democrats is to beat the hell out for Republicans.

I've been heading in the same direction for my post mortem for a couple of weeks now, and it feels trivial.

My final take on the 2016 election:

-Hillary Clinton was a pretty solid candidate

-Her campaign made some mistakes, but all in all did well

The Clinton campaign could not have foreseen having to fight both the FBI and a hostile foreign government. According to Kevin Drum, she would have won by quite a bit without Comey:

If it weren't for Comey, Hillary Clinton would have won the popular vote by about 6 points and the Electoral College by 70 or more. And that might have turned into control of the Senate as well, though that's a little more speculative.
Democrats clearly need to focus attention on state and local races, where they have done steadily worse throughout the Obama years. But at the national level, they should resolutely avoid the circular firing squad. They didn't lose because their message was unpopular or because they're out of touch or because they're insufficiently centrist or insufficiently leftist. That just wasn't the problem. The Democratic message was fine; Democrats are perfectly well in touch with their constituencies; and they weren't perceived as too unwilling to shake things up. Even with eight years of Democratic rule acting as a headwind, Hillary Clinton's default performance was a substantial win.
The only reason it didn't happen is because James Comey basically decided to call her a liar and a crook—based on absolutely no new evidence and with everyone in the world advising him not to—with 12 days left in the election. That was something she couldn't overcome, and it has nothing to do with the basic Democratic message.

That's it. That's all of it. End of story.

I may take a brief break to recalibrate my writing to accommodate the seething rage I feel towards ALL Republlicans and to strategize with Ari about where this is going, but that #DamageControl part of the sidebar is going to dominate going forwards.

We resist. We fucking resist.

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