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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

I Can't Get Optimistic Yet

I've been reading a lot of articles the last few days, like this one from Ben Cohen of the Daily Banter, showing some optimism regarding the fate of the Affordable Care Act, because it could be politically disastrous for the Republicans. I've even heard some Republicans say so.

And I know "dog catches car" and all, but do you think Paul Ryan gives a crap about 20-30 million people losing health insurance? If I had to bet on whether he would side with his donors or 30 million people, I'm going with the donors. He's been programmed to gut the safety net. Republican backers hand-picked their House and Senate candidates because of their willingness to do that.

Then again, I was wrong on the OCE, so I suppose I should just make my phone calls and hope for  the best!

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