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Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Daily Combover 1/12/2017

This series was not scheduled to begin for another week but Trump has been acting as if he was already the President, so I'm starting early.  The Daily Combover series will summarize Trump's daily "accomplishments," helping us keep track of how, what, and why things are the way they are when we look back in a few years. I'm not going to opine at all, simply report what has happened.

So let's begin.

This morning, Trump woke up and since it was 8am and sunny out, he tweeted a lie. Despite James Clapper notifying him that the CIA had not reached any conclusions on the #goldenshowers report, Trump let us know that Clapper told him it was all fake.

At 9am, he violated a White House rule by endorsing LL Bean.

Shortly thereafter, Marine Le Pen, the French National Front leader, met with Trump backers at Trump Tower. Le Pen is expected to win the French election, adding France to the growing list of Far-Right Nationalist countries. Franco is still dead but fascism is clearly back in fashion. Policywise, this economist can tell you that her election would be the death knell to the European Union.

By lunch time we were reminded that nobody really understands Trump's positions, not even his cabinet.

Finally, Trump congratulated the Senate for meeting his demand of an immediate repeal of the Affordable Care Act. What nobody in the media is talking about is that the series of late night votes on the 11th also included the first steps toward eliminating Medicaid. As I pointed out, that's going to eventually create a $200 billion tax cut for the Fortune 500.

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