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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Well, That Was Unexpected

I don't think we have a reason why yet (optics?), but the House is postponing the OCE vote.

In any case, if you do talk to your Congressperson, I'm happy to log it.

And I'll try it in the future if we have more notice. Now that we're starting to move from the looking-back part of this blog's mission (post-mortems), it's something I'd love to do for our #damagecontrol mission.

UPDATE (1/3/2017, 12:29 PM): I just spoke to Congressman Hakeem Jeffries's (D-NY) office and they said they didn't know why it happened, but are happy it did and that the Republicans will accept the OCE's rules for the time being. I think all of our pushing on Twitter last night couldn't have hurt.