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Friday, January 6, 2017

Word to Kate McKinnon

Your Kellyanne Conway impression is really cute and funny, but I just wanted to remind you that she's not cute nor funny, she's calculating and evil:

In case you lost count, that was six times that Conway said “by anyone” instead of acknowledging what 17 intelligence agencies have said on the record, and in Senate testimony.
And despite Conway’s insistence that Trump’s incoming administration has “great respect for the intelligence communities,” it was Conway herself who revealed that Trump plans to replace intelligence officials with “his own people.”
This is not an administration that respects the intelligence community, but one that is seeking to discredit it. And it is further an administration whose loyalties are in question, as Trump and Conway behave more like Vladimir Putin’s defense attorneys than they do American leaders seriously concerned with the subversion of our democracy.

Might be time to change course on the character... I think the same goes for Alec Baldwin. At some point, making light of treason is no longer helpful. Or have I just lost my sense of humor since November 8th?

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